The worshop and gourmet training courses


Worshops and gourmet training courses

In order to meet a recurrent demand, I have decided to set chocolate-making workshops.

It could be as well a nice idea for a present that would always be apreciated.

I welcome the trainees inside the chocolate factory and then, after a brief presentation, I explain how to make chocolates.

We make my original products together so the trainees can go home with THEIR OWN CHOCOLATES!

If you wish to take part in a workshop, you can put your name and contact down by filling up the form below.

Due to the fact that I have a tiny chocolate factory, I can welcome up to 4 people per workshop!

Here is the next workshops schedule:

Thursday 13th of june : 9am-1pm

Wednesday 19th of june : 9am-1pm

Wednesday 26th of june : 9am-1pm

Tuesday 2nd of july: 9am-1pm

Friday 5th of july : 9am-1pm

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